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“As a teacher, it’s not easy being in a class with 20+ students all at varying degrees of readiness and learning styles – and due to district cuts – losing classroom support. I have had quite a few high school and college volunteers. They all do a great job but there is a difference in the preparedness of students coming through this high school class/curriculum. They understand the struggles many students have – and some have lived that struggle. The teens come in knowing they can make an impact. Their intent is to model a caring community member. Because I have been a part of this program for many years, I have seen some of our elementary students – now in high school – return to our school as leaders impacting young people knowing those students will most likely take up the mantle as teen leader in the future. This is a great program.”



"A lot of kids are struggling today. They don’t have support in their home to succeed in school or life. I didn’t understand the term ‘Developmental Asset’ at the time but the after school program and summer leadership camp were great supports (assets) for me. I looked up to the high school and college kids that helped out at the center and school. They were great role models. I really liked this class – and I like being a leader in my own community. I am trying to be an asset and a role model with the hope that the kids I help will grow up to help others.”

Main Office: South Central Wisconsin

Executive Director: Todd Hipke


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